will we ever meet again ?

Has anyone thought about a reunion,if you are interested please contact me,
I was in Aden with 48Field Squadron and also in Ripon on our return from Aden.

Was known as chiko in Aden and paddy in Ripon.

Really hope to hear from some one out there




I do not know about any "official" reunions at 48 Sq but we have met up a few times for a piss up. We did so with Pete Easy's silver wedding anniversary, then a group of us got together in 2004, 2008 and last October.

Ginge (Carl) Burton was there and I believe he even mentioned your name. Joe Booth and Joan Easy (Pete's wife) are talking about a proper reunion. Since I live near New York (and not the other 'York'), I'll be happy to give you contact info.


Marlon (Ripon 1965 - 1971)

How's it going Harry, me and Bri Wareham see each other about every week, he only lives down the road, as Marlon said we had a meet up about three years ago and we got there along with Twiggy, there was one again last year but I was away. We lost Jimmy Riddler and Ray Alison a few years ago Des Quinn last year and Tiny Field passed away on New Years Eve.
I've put a few pics up on the site and I've got a few more to do. I'm seeing Barney in a couple of weeks and he's in touch with Mick Sindel so with a bit of luck there might be more that you think up for a reunion.
Ron Weeks

Had half an hour sat in the sun outside Pete's house yesterday having a chat. I told him about this site but he doesn't have internet.
He said to remember him to you both. Got chatting about Dad Leonard.

Hello Harry I was in Aden 66/67 and returned to Ripon, I remember Brian Wareham and Twiggy, it was Twiggy who tought me cribbage. After Aden I went out to Gib with 2 troop and I knocked about with Pete Adams. I was Sqn medic for a while before the Sqn went out to Anguilla.

Hello again forgot to say who wrote the above Email. I was just looking through the photos from the list above and there is a photo of Cliff Hodgeon at Carnarvon in 69 I think when it was the investiture. Im not sure who the rest of the guys are.

hi, my name is alan forrester,iwas with 48 from 1962 1965 then posted to GIB,i do remember brian wareham, if its the same one who lost a foot,also I was at the aden vets 50th at York, and herd his name mentioned.