Potential re-union

Hi my Name is Howard Hughes was known as Hughie i was a member of 3Y1 troop 66 Sqn 1978 - 1979, I am looking for any of the chaps that were in the above troop, so if you are one of them or you know how to get hold of any of them please drop me a line.






First Name Surname Nick name Start year End year

Allan Williams Abb0 1979 1980

Chic Cameron Chic 1975 1978

Rick Clapcott Clappers 1979 1980

craig nelson jock 1977 1978

Dave Maw 1977 1979

fred collings 1978 1979

Howard Hughes Hughie 1978 1979

Kevin Woods Woody 1979 1980

Martin Fletcher fletch 1978 1979

norman barrows norm 1975 1978

Shane Noble Nobby 1979 1980

Simon Hillier Taff 1977 1978

Steve Smith Smudge 1974 1978

Stephen Keane none 1973 1978

Malcolm Crutchley Ted 1979 1980

Regards, Gordon

Hi Gordon,
Whilst i am actually looking for 37 names there is some on your list such as Chic Cameron, Martin Fletcher, how would i get there contact details? the actual troop i am looking for was 3Y1 66 Sqn 1978 to 1979.



Hi Howard, all you need to do is use the "Find Your Mates" link on the home page, then click on the name of anyone who comes up in your search - that opens up an email address window for you