This was the old training regt based in Southwood Camp, so it's not applicable to those from post-1970, I would think. 

I had this message from Ian Chappell in November 2013 -

"I served at 3TRRE from 1954 to 1957, it was then known as Guillemot Barracks, Cove, Hants. I was Squadron Chief Clerk 'B' Squadron.  It was located adjacent to Hawley Lake where I took my waterman ship course whilst stationed at9 TRRE which was at Southwood Barracks, Cove where I did all my basic and Field Engineer training.  I was also trained at 1 TRRE at Malvern, Worcs and 6 TRRE at Norton Barracks at Worcester.  I enlisted in 1953" 


Started my national service at 3 TRRE in January 1949 did basic training there then went to 9TRRE for driver training. ended up at CRE Belefeld BOAR. then did 25 years TA

From JLRRE we went to 3 TRRE based at Gib Bks (I was 55 Sqn), Camberly for 6 weeks, we did not have to do 1 TRRE there and only part of 3 TRRE training course.

In 1983/4 it was still referred to as 'Cove' by the staff at Dover and us (at least in 66 Sqn).

Arrived at 3 TRRE Guillemont Barracks,Cove,Farnborough in late January/early February 1955 from 1 TRRE Malvern as part of intake 55O1.Completed basic training and field engineering,and passed out Mar?april 1955. Selected for N.C.O,s Cadre at Southwood Camp.Failed. Then posted to ,B,Squadron at 3.TRRE back at Gullemont Barracks. I was then employed in the Squadron Office as a clerk. I then went to the Squadron Stores before being demobbed in January 1957. Iwas then employed by the National Coal Board as a urveyor for two years before enlisting in the Derby Borough Police in Sept 1958. I served in this force and the Derbyshnire Constabulary from 1967. I retired in October 1988 with the rank of Detective Inspector.


I'm looking for sapper John Page, army number 22798166. I believe he was serving around 1952 in B. squadron, 3 T.R.R.E. Guildmont barracks, Cove Hants. Any information would be greatly appreciated, my email address is eric.butler1987@yahoo.co.uk thank you.

Hi all

I did all my trading at Cove with 73/3 party from March to Sep. I was then posted to 8 Field Squadron at Tidworth. I think the my corporal in training was Jones.

Malc Pugh

I was in 30 party A sqn passing out parade on the 10JULY1951 being preasented with the medal for best man all round from there I went to.

No58 junior N.C.Os.'CARDRE CLASS on passing out was posted to Germany NEINBURG 45 fld pk sqn WAS PROMOTED TO CPL

now widowed living in Australia with son and grand children
mow I AM 87 years young still singing hooray for the C.R.E

I arrived at Guillemont barracks Nov 1956. Went to WOSB at Barton Stacey in Jan. passed and then posted to Mons barracks Aldershot. Next, posted to Chatham and passed off in May 57 as 2Lt.
Is anybody out there still upright , I am 85 !!

I arrived at 3TRRE Nov 1957. Went to WOSB Dec 1957. Passed and posted to Mons early 1958. Then onto Gordon Barracks, Gillingham. Commissioned April or May 1958 (?). Then posted back to 3TRRE (B Squadron) as a training officer. Demobbed Nov 1959.
Anyone there at that time?
Chic H.