36 Squadron

This is the main page for the squadron or unit. More info will be added here as I get the time, but for now it's a "base" for establishing comms with other members of the same unit. You can post messages for other members of the same unit using the messages link above this blurb, and you can also search for other members of this unit. Once you find them, click on their name to send an email direct to them. Please note that this website doesn't "remember" your emails, they are sent direct from you to the recipient without sappers.co.uk getting in the way. That helps you get in touch quickly and it keeps everything simple and free. Have fun. Gordon



Im looking for anyone who might have served with my dad bk in 57/63.i was born in maidstone kent dad served there 1960/63 he was disabled out after being injured on exercise Marsh Harrier.my dad was cpl/acting sgt Alistair Quinn.