37 Squadron

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There is a website run by some former 37 members, you can access it here http://www.37fieldsquadronre-oldboys.org


OIdAny lads remember. Middletown and keady infantry tour

Who can forget that tour it was great fun.

Remember it well when a section got blown up. all good fun luckly no one killed. then I was nearly killed when a pissed up full screw turned me over in car coming out of Keady

I am looking for pete russell who was in this squadron in about 78 79 80..if you have any information..please let me know . My email is nanettpetersen@hotmail.com

Pete russel

Would like to hear from anyone who remembers me I was a fitter on MT
Then ran plant sec
They used to call me scouse but I was from Preston
its a longtime ago I hope some of us are still around

I served 1964 to 1967 with 37 Squadron in Osnabrück as a Clark and later ran the G10 equipment store.
Then 60 squadron in Gibraltar. Demobilized 1970 emigrated to USA. Studied Engineering and Aviation.
Currently retired in North Carolina.

I write on behalf of Walter McLaren 33 Squadron, Royal Engineers, Ripon based and served in Mukeiras, Aden during early 60's.1960/61 to 1964/65. Were any of you there? Used to enjoy the reunions so much but cannot get there these days. How you all doing?

Cpl. Charles Cyprus 1956 -1958