38 Squadron

This is the main page for the squadron or unit.  At various times, this has been 38 Field Squadron and 38 HQ and SP squadron (a new nomination for squadrons since the 1990s, they didn't exist before that).  Obviously that's why all squadrons are just given a number on the title, rather than a full name.

 REgards, Gordon

Steve (Pete) Stevenson has set up a community page for 38 Sqn which will have all sorts of photos, memories and stories on it as it grows.  Why not pay it a visit once you've recorded your service details on here?  The link is http://38berlin.moonfruit.com/

There's also a Facebook group here http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=14428541113


My name is Geoff Young I always got Yorky for obvious reasons and I was posted to 38 as my first posting from training at Cove along with Joey Francis , Joe Watkinson ,Bob Thompson, paddy Conroy and Paddy Wilcox in May 1963, quite a while ago and it seems like the posting improved somewhat after that. We had to get a flight to Hanover and stay overnight in transit then catch the military train through the corridor to Berlin which took all day and on arrival we met up with the SSM Whiteford who warned us not to go to the corner Cafe in Spandau that he had named as the Snake Pit of course we all went anyway.when we first got to Berlin we didn't have much of a time as most a you would have, we had to have a permanent pass to go out of camp and we were all Cinderellas as we had to be in by midnight or we lost our permanent pass and we could not go out of camp. The only bar in the camp was in the Naafi that was situated above the cookhouse and closed at 10pm every night so as you can imagine it was slightly different in my days in Berlin. I remember lots of names from my time and if anyone knows of any of them I would love to hear from them, here are a few names,Johnny Lapping, Wilf Hughes , Sam Bissell, Brian Shaw, Bob Cross, Jim Rose, Big Bopper, Mick Middleton, Geordie Dalgleish, willie Faichney, Bob Holdness, Paddy Macartney, Paul Whiteside, Alan Ashton who built the pig pens, Brummie Potter and Brummie Fairbairn and quite a few more, there are many more things I can tell you about my time in Berlin and I will put more on the site later if I manage to get this part on. I am not very good on the computer, it's an age thing.Geoff

Served at Smuts barracks during above years does anyone know me? I was nicknamed brummie potter. I remember Alan Fairbairn as we had our photo taken together outside Smuts barracks when we were interviewed by the Birmingham post.
If anyone remembers me get in touch

Anybody out there served in Berlin between 1972 and 1974

Hi, I arrived at Smuts Bks in Sep 1982 and was very quickly DV'd for Teuffelsberg and Hanger 4 (RAF Gatow). My muckers were Jamie Jamieson (Electrician) and Len Wiseman (P&D). I participated in Op Fresh Air 1983-1984. Our new CW(E) was Alan Cliffe who was fresh from RSME. Later in civvy street we ended up working with eachother in WYG (now TetraTech). I left in Sep 1984 for Chatham to undertake my section commanders course and then start my CW(M) in Jan 1985. If there is anyone out there in SapperLand who remembers me then please drop me a line. Steve Smith