4 Sqn

This is the main page for the squadron or unit.  More info will be added here as I get the time, but for now it's a "base" for establishing comms with other members of the same unit.  You can post messages for other members of the same unit using the messages link above this blurb, and you can also search for other members of this unit.  Once you find them, click on their name to send an email direct to them.  Please note that this website doesn't "remember" your emails, they are sent direct from you to the recipient without sappers.co.uk getting in the way.  That helps you get in touch quickly and it keeps everything simple and free.  Have fun.  Gordon


trying to locate a good friend of mine Paul Cripps had great times together wally walpole

do not have contact with paul.....spoke to him few years ago..sold his building business and moved / bought a farm house to renovate in france. sadly lost touch...sorry
ps....could try email..cripps.paul@hotmail.com

This may well be very late but Paul is on the 4 Sqn Facebook site.

I joined 410 in Jan '58, Landed at Nami. Same tent as Taff Evans. Looking lads who served with 410 whenever really but those I could have served with 58 to 61. Jim Pearce, Joe Nelson, Brummy Galloway, "Ting" Watson Phil Webster, hey the list goes on We have a 410 reunion coming up shortly at Anstey Hall near Coventry, love to see some of my old mates there. Contact me on julianloach.54@gmail.com

I joined 3trp inAug 66.Blackjack Vowles was our S/sgt.I remember Ernie Steninger,Bob Preston,Dave Page,Brummy Dixon,Tony Sear.Anyone else out there from this time,

I joined 4 Sqn in 1965 as 2 Tp Sec Cpl then to 3 to Recce Sgt with J. Vowles. Sorry I don't remember your friends. I think Jack became A/SSM.
I moved to MT Sgt 1 Sqn.

I served with plant troop 71 Field Squadron on Christmas Island 1956-1957 if there's anyone out there.