This was the old training regt before Gib Barracks opened at Camberley in 1979.  Basic Training MT Training was carried out at the old Gibralter Barracks 50/60s



1959-55 Sqn was the regular training Sqn and 56 was the National Service training Sqn. The MT training was based in Balloon Square. I returned to MT Sqn then 56 in 1963 after 3 years in Malaya

I was at 4trre Gib bks for a few months in july 1952 quite enjoyedit pass my driving test there, then posted of tof Singapore attached to the Royal Signals at Tyersal Camp.

Hi all you old boys from the Royal Engineers, I would like to get intouch with any one who was at General Survey Section RE's at Tyersal Camp Singapore 1953 -1954,
Jake Jones is looking for you

I was in c company RE Cheppstow in 1965/68 any old boys out there ???????

I was in Chepstow from 67 to 70 in A Coy. I was a chippie. Happy to change experiences with you.

Chepstow 1965 // 1968 c component

Hi, I was in Cheptsow from 67 to 70. m happy to change experiences of the old place. All the best, Dave.

Anyone out there recall being being part of 55 Sqn? Lcpl Plaice (spl?) was our NCO i/c.
I was a finalist in the Regimental Boxing Championships - lost to Spr Belton of 56 Sqn. Spent most of our pay in the NAAFI in town - them QARANC girls certainly knew how to spend your money!
In Mar 61 after basic training was posted to Strategic Reserve Movement Control Sqn, HQ Southern Command, Salisbury.
A few names come to mind at Wilton:
WO1 Gordon Hole, WO2 Ted Stark, Ssgt Ron Cockings, Sgt Bob Dando, Cpl Paddy Smith, Pte Brenda Price WRAC, Spr Bill Hanks.
Any bell ringing?

Basic & Dvr Trg.

I have been unable to enter my service with 17 & 23 Fd Sqns at Chisledon and Tidworth.

I have been unable to enter my service with RE Bridging Camp Staff as MT Sgt
and SQMS.

Looking for anyone that served in Coffin Troop, 82 Trg Sqn, Junior Leaders Regt RE. 1984. Trying to sort a 40 year reunion, time and place tba. Please email shaunplummer1186@hotmail.co.uk