408 (Bridge) Troop RE

408 (Bridge) Troop RE  part of 10 COY RASC/ 26 Regt RCT (Bridge) based in Bindon Bks until 1971 .It is always forgotten as it was out side the mainstream  RE units.  Anyone who was based here - feel free to send me some of your personal stories about the place and I'll put them on this page for everyone to share.  REgards, Gordon



captain davenport said he wanted his prized merc spraying i said i would do it as i sprayer cars before thought he was going to have kittens i sprayed it wrong colour i was on jankers for weeks

I was attached to 408 1970/71 as a young lad Bill was put in charge of me
,capt H.Davenport told him i was too young to drink. I must say i was taught well.

Good professional mates run by a real great guy
Capt Davenport (ranker)