Hello good people, I was at 8TRRE, went in January 1953, Dave Foster, who is now in British Columbia near us, must have been at Elgin at the same time, cadre Sgt was Taffy Reynolds, troop officer was Capt Brearley- Smith, he was the epitomie of a bandbox officer, square, upright, always immaculate in manner and speech, in his very cultured voice he encouraged us to grow mustaches, makes one look distinctive, at the age of 18 I did not shave my upper lip for about 3 weeks, eventually Capt B-S said "are you growing a mustache" I said "yes sir" he said "well bloody well hurry up", Cook Sgt was Cheney, if you had to give him an early call it was one pig of a job, he would not wake up, struggling with him put you behind with every other call, made you wonder if it was worth being stick man, loved Elgin, and Findhorn and the people, bloody cold though especially those blamed outdoor ablutions, got into strife for heating water jn a fire bucket. Good memories, yours aye, Roy