49 Squadron

From Pete Markham

Oh those happy times in the little family that was 49 Field Squadron (EOD). I arrived in March 1982 first impressions where is everybody, answer out on jobs. What is the makeup of the unit two troop’s civilian clearance Ops two troops military. Greeted by the SSM John Phillips straight talking no bull, you start your course next week, fail and you will be with a new unit beginning of the next week.  Advice if you get through you will be out on jobs often living in digs, you will be paid subsistence, if you muck up with your money see me and we will sort. Here started  the best five years of my military career.

Course passed, out to Manston to clear pipe mines and many more such jobs. Within a short period of time the Falkland kicked off. Our guys went out with the task force, those of us left behind all wanted to be with them. Sadly on the 23 May 1982 aboard HMS Antelope S/Sgt Jim Prescott CGM was killed and SSM John Phillips DSC lost his arm.

The Squadron has seen many changes since then and is now part of a much larger EOD family

The link to the main EOD website is http://www.royalengineersbombdisposal-eod.org.uk/rea_bd_branch.html