508 STRE (V)


508 STRE (Works) (V) was formed as a Works Team in 1979 after a re-organisation of 111 Engineer Regiment. The Unit was made up of only 30 Personel and all members were qualified tradesmen in civvy street and the Royal Engineers used their skills and expertise to carry out tasks the regulars didnt have time to complete or were lacking in knowledge.


Most of the Team members were of the rank Sergeant or above due to their qualifications. The Army sent the Unit on some cracking Tours, when most RE Units were going to Weymouth or Ripon we were deployed to many parts of Germany, Gibraltar, Cyprus, Berlin, Hong Kong and the Falkland Islands, only once can I remember us getting an English Camp when we went to Portland to design and build a Fire Training facility not long after the Falklands trouble.


Every camp we attended consisted us working with local agencies in the design and execution of the project, we had some great camps and were lucky to be in Berlin when Check Point "Charlie" was removed, in Hong Kong just before we handed back to the Chinese and in Cyprus serving with the UN when there were still daily fights across the border in Nicosia.

After another re-organisation we became part of the Military Works Force and moved to Chilwell Barracks Nottingham.

The Unit remains in existance, and unfortunately just after I left the Royal Warrant and Law was changed allowing selected or volunteers to be called up for Active Duty and I am aware several of the Unit have served in Afgan.

Although a small unit we worked hard and played hard. Our motto of We've Been, We've Seen is based on the RE Motto of Ubique.

Hope this is the sort of thing you want, Many Thanks

Phil Howell (Howlo)