520 STRE

Yet another holding page for this unit until someone can tell me something about it.  How many people were in it?  Did you work from offices or workshops or what?  Were you posted everywhere or generally left on site?  Let me know and I'll fill in some more details.

REgards, Gordon

Thanks to Alan Hodge for this info - 

With Respect to Squadrons

520 STRE was re-formed in 1977 (unsure of the previous lives) at Barton Stacey as a specialist team with a specific task, which was to survey all the military units, large and small throughout UK with a view to utility services.

All officers and SNCOs  with all SNCOs being  Clerks of Works E. M  or C.   Split into teams of Four.  Officer and clerk of Works E,M and C.

My Team was     Major “Nick Nicholas”, Wo2 “Dick” Gay, SSgt Bob Clowe and me a SSGT at the time.

There were if I recall correctly, 3 teams.  The OC was Major  “John” Peel  a descendant of the “do ye ken” one.

 I do not know when it was Disbanded as I was posted to Nepal (with Dick Gay  also) before the surveys were completed.


Alan Hodge