54 Squadron

Whether you were at Dover or in the Far East, this is the right page.  Before becoming a Junior Leaders squadron, 54 had a chequered history of touring the Far East.  I guess most of the members on here will have come through the squadron in its Dover days.  However, for those  of you from before those times, I've had this message;

Hello Gordon, 

Just to let you know I have a website dedicated to those who served in the Far East with 54 (Farelf) Support Squadron RE, 54 Corps Field Park squadron RE & 54 Field Park squadron RE in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Borneo.   The site is http://54squadronsre.blogspot.com and is doing quite well at the moment. 

All the best, Tomo


Replaced in Hong Kong by Support Sqn QGE about 1977. Not listed in your list of units when listing work history