62 CRE

I know very little about 62 CRE, I believe it is made up of various STREs so I don't know if I need to add this as a separate unit or not, but it's here if you need it.  I'd appreciate any info you can give me about it please.  REgards, Gordon


I don't know the unit's history, but I was with 62 CRE for the last 18 months of service until my discharge in Jan 1976. I worked in the drawing office with other army draughtsmen producing working drawings for various world-wide RE projects. In the summer of 1975, I went with 2 surveyors to Camp Petawawa in Ontario to do work for the Canadian Army.

I was at 62 CRE from 1976-1978 in the drawing office.SSgt Bob Greenwood was in charge of the office. SGt Fred Sudworth and I went to Salisbury Tech College and passed our HNC Building exams. Major Jennings-Bramley was my OC, with Clerk of Works SSgt Bob? We went to Kenya to survey, soil test and design the bridge over the Mara River in the Masai Mara Game Reserve. SSgt Dave Stevenson and I formed the 62 rally team with drivers like SGt Chesterton from MT and LCpl Pete Walton from the drawing office. In 1978 Brigadier Ross the CO of 12 Engineer Brigade sent me to Lisburn NI to design the CQBR at Ballykinler. Purchased my discharge. Either Clerk of Works or leave. I am now a director of a large architectural practice here in Perth, Western Australia having obtained my BArch(Hons) and now only do Australian Defence Force projects.

I was Brigadier Tickells` driver at Barton Stacey in 68 but cant find `HQ 12 Engineer Brigade anywhere.