65 Wks Gp RE (V)

I had this from Nigel Burt in Jan 2014 -

65 Wks Gp RE(V) moved from Gibraltar Barracks to Chilwell in 2005 as the wholly TA element of 170 (Infra Sp) Engr Gp RE, comprising 508 STRE (Wks)(V), 525 STRE (Wks)(V), 526 STRE(Wks)(V), 507 STRE (Rly)(V) and 509 (Ports Infra)(V).

Its forebear was 65 CRE(V) based at Gib Bks/Minley, part of MWF(V).  The reorganisation involved the separation of 506 STRE (Water Infra)(V), 504 STRE(Power Infra)(V) and 503 STRE(Fuels Infra)(V) to join 62 Wks Gp RE, 63 Wks Gp RE and 64 Wks Gp RE respectively as the lone TA Teams within predominantly Regular Works Groups RE.