Port San Carlos

I was in the team put together to take over from 53 Sqn (I think) to get the power stations and water supply up and running. We were that important they even flew us all the way to the islands instead of the standard 2nd rate 12 day ferry cruise!
Possibly the best 6 months of my 15 years as the 8 of us were left to our own devices to get the place up and running, only spoilt when the RA turned up and the usual fun and games broke out between us. I think they got the message load and clear when their electricity and water went off...a few times. There might only have been 8 of us against their 80 or so but we held all the cards!

For the last month I was shunted off to Port Howard on another island.... now that really is remote! Mud up to our ear holes with the Irish Rangers for company!!