873 Plant Sqn

I only heard about this unit from Bob Wakelam today (May 2012) when he sent me an email as below.  If you can give me any more information about it, please get in touch - 

Hello Gordon. Re work history I am unable to find any reference to the units that In served in during my national service maybe I am too old,I did my corps training at Lockerbie was then sent to a transit camp at Barton Stacy from there shipped to a transit camp at Suez via Pott Said from there posted to 337 army troops squadroni in Palestine after a week the whole of the squadron moved back to the transit camp at Suez to be shipped down to Mombassa in Kenya where I joined 873 Plant Squadron did an Excavator Operator course was posted to 56 Plant Troop at Mackinnon Road where I spent the rest of my service and was demobed in February1949  any help would be appreciated .Regards R.E.Wakelam