9 Squadron

I believe this was generally referred to as 9 Para, but I'm not sure if it has always been so?  Just in case, I have left off all references to Para, Indep, Cdo, Airborne, Airfield, Support, Hug, Pugh or Barney McGrue, and the unit is simply referred to as 9sqn on this site.  I'm sure you're all smart enough to work out if you served with these people or not!

I have had an interesting email from Trevor Stimpson - formerly of 20 Sqn, explaining how some people from 20 Sqn were attached to 9Sqn for a time.  Most of them will have registered under 20 Sqn, but I thought I'd copy it here for those who haven't.  You can find a link to Trevor's 20 Sqn website for these guys here http://www.freewebs.com/20sqnrefalklands/


The Airborne Engineers Scotland branch now has 37 members who, although mainly reside in close proximity to Edinburgh, are spread the length and breadth of Scotland. We also act as a 'mother branch' to several members in England, Australia, Thailand and Canada. Our Branch members have served in various units, including 4 Parachute Squadron R.E., 9 Independent Parachute Squadron R.E., 131 Parachute Engineer Regiment, and 131 Independent Parachute Squadron R.E.  You can find them here - http://www.airbornesappersscotland.co.uk/

 Meetings take place at 1300 hrs. on the third Sunday of every second month from January, within The Royal British Legion, Central Branch, Rodney Street, Edinburgh. Please come and join us at one of our meetings, you will be made very welcome.


I was lucky to serve twice in The Squadron. 1965-69. trips to Kenya, Libya and many exercises in England Scotland and Wales. Again as OC 1976-77. One tour in S Armagh, Exercise Waterleap in Canada and firemen's strike in East Sussex.