910 Specialist Engineer Detachment

Mick Ramsay tells me that 910 Specialist Engineer Detachment (Singapore) was for operations in Laos. Engineer support for the 10th Forward Maintenance Area  Pains of Jars Laos. 910 consisted of 24 men from 410 and 9? from Engineer Base Group Singapore



OC Maj Vernon Betts (VB) deceased Officers- Capt Rugg QGE, 2Lt Michael Hoskins, Clks of Wks Elect and constr Plant NCO Cpl Bill Stevenson Troop Sgt Ron Jarvis. 910 was also tasked to operate heavy ferry to move armour across the Mekong River. We made bridge without cranes. Trained in jungle and on the hard in HMS Terror Singapore. Sailed same from hard to Tanjong Belaya? 10 Port. I helmed it throughout and navigator was a RN Officer. A point of interest 10 FMA consisted of Base Ammo, Base Ord. Base Field Hospital, Base REME Workshop, Base NAAFI, RAF Transport Command, RASC Air Dispatch, RMP Company, Gurkha Inf. Our air head in Laos was to be the range for a Beverley to ground unload and its return south without refuelling!!Still digging in my Memory