The AMF-L was intended as a multinational force that could be quickly despatched to any part of ACE's command area - from North Norway, to Germany, to eastern Turkey - to demonstrate the solidarity of the alliance and its ability to resist all forms of aggression against any member state. During the Cold War the AMF-L did frequent exercises in North Norway (Exercises Adventure Express, Arctic Express & Ardent Ground, among others) and in other areas, but was first deployed operationally in 1991 during the Gulf War, when part of its air component was despatched to watch the Turkish borders, in the face of a potential threat to a member's territory. The land component of the force, consisting of a brigade-sized formation of about 5,000 personnel, was composed of units from 14 NATO states.

Prior to the formation of a dedicated Support Troop in 1971, this role was carried out by  a troop, 3 Field Squadron.  who supplied support to the Coldstream Guards between 1966 -1971 with a break in 1967 when the Squadron was deployed on  OP Libretto at RAF El-Adem near Tobruq.

On Return  From this tour 3 Troop were allocated the task of providing the support for the British contingent.  3  Troop carried out training in North Norway, Denmark and Germany as part of this task.

In 1971  a dedicated unit was formed at Longmoor and they were eventually posted to 6 Fd Spt Sqn, 22 Engr Regt at Perham Down.  Where they remained until disbanded on 31st March 1995.

During this time they were deployed mainly in traing roles in as diverse places as North Norway to the area of North Turkey near to the Iranian Border.

We all have many memories of our time in the unit mine stretch from the days of 3 Troop and back again as AMF(L). 

No Doubt others will be wanting to add bits to this.    



Copy of Painting to commemorate the disbandment of the Unit.  Painted by David Rowlands



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