From Roger Makin - 

OP CROWN. THAILAND  .   I was   part of CRE ops  . Other  units involved  were  11 Sqn , 59 Sqn, 54 Sqn .
Cheers  magpie

And this from David Morris-

Hi Gordon,

I was posted in Jan 1966 to Aden, to CRE (ops).  It turned out to be a specialist unit associated with MEXE called Project Forsdale involved with the testing of various means petroleum storage and pumping. The small unit was made up of various branches of the army, me being there because I was an Engine Fitter IC &P (internal combustion and pump). The main force was made up of RAOC , REME and two RE staff. The OC was Major Vernon-Betts RE, with the 2 i/c being a Flt Lt Simmons RAF.

I know that it wasn’t the biggest RE work place in the world, but it was ours.


We lived in Anzio Barracks, and saw a few Squadrons come and go on their “short” tours of Aden.



D Morris (landrover)




Assigned to CRE Crown Dec 1963. Preparations for Thailand Airfield build. Tons of stores and equipment drawn from stores depot and some which had recently been sold to locals were repurchased and loaded on ships and aircraft bound for Bangkok docs. January 1964 CRE Crown moved to Thailand into a tented area prepared by 11 Sqn who had done the original survey. I had two stints with CRE Crown and then with Op Crown whilst with 11 Sdn at Malacca 1967-1968.