CRE South Malaya

I had this message from Brian Davies in July 2014 - 
Some success however today when I read within a job application of mine dated Feb 1974: 
"In the period 1958 to 1961 I was subordinate to the Assistant Commander, Royal Engineers (Technical) who was responsible for the planning and management of all Works Services projects throughout South Malaya"   The ACRE in this case was a civilian by the name of Ted Love.  He also was in charge of the drawing office.  The CRE was a Lt Col (RE); and there was a QS Major (RE).  A Sgt (RAPC) by the name of Laurie Whitcombe and a Sgt (RE) quartermaster who was awarded a BEM or MBE I can't recall which, or his name.  The fact that I had recorded "ACRE" really confirms to me that the Lt Col (RE)  was the CRE..
 So, m'lord I rest my case.    Best wishes.  Brian Davies.
This info on the Royal Engineers in Malaya came from
General Survey Section, RE Map Depot. 
1 Independent Field Squadron, the squadron was redesignated just before arriving in Singapore about October 1948 as it was the only RE field squadron in an active service area. The unit was originally 561 Field Squadron and was redesignated prior to embarkation on HMT Dunera to 561 Independent Field Squadron RE during the voyage, becoming 1st Independent Field Squadron RE before disembarkation. Spent 10 days at Nee Soon transit camp to acclimatize. Moved to Kuala Lump by rail then to Batu Caves by road. Thanks to Michael Mabbs and Wally Ellis for part of this entry. 
   HQ Troop 1st Independent Fd Sqn Royal Engineers HQ troop was based at Batu Caves. Just north of Kuala Lumpur, SSM Billy Smart, SQMS Woolgar, MTNCO Johny Tigh. Storemen L/Cpl Bill Huyton and W Ellis. Thanks to Wally Ellis for this entry. 
2 Troop, 1st Independent Field Squadron Royal Engineers. CO was Captain Attenbourgh, the troop operated mostly in the highlands attached to the Scots Guards at one time. The troop set up ambushes, patrols, built roads and brigades before being sent to Hong Kong after about two years. Thanks to Gerald Harris for this entry. 
2 Air Survey Liaison Section, RE 1946-1952. 
10 Transportation Squadron, RE According to RE Corps History Vol X this unit arrived in Singapore in April 1956. Note also: 11 Indep Fd Sqn arrived in Malaya in 1956, 74 Fd Pk Sqn formed Singapore 1955 and moved to Malaya 1956. 
11th Independent Field Squadron 11th Field Squadron was reformed in 1948 in the UK. Commanding officers were Major Tog Cochrane OBE MC RE, and later was Maj Bill Cooper later to become Maj Gen Cooper MC CBE. 1 troop was commanded by Capt Symonds RE for a time, 1 troop Sergeant Jim (Paddy) Woods. The squadron constructed the Kemyan Road {South Pahang), Naka Road (Thai Border} which was finished at Sik in 1959 at a final length of 64 miles. Repaired Fort Chabai Airstrip. The Squadron build one of the last forts in Malaya, Fort Tapong in 1960 with the participation of a Digger troop. 
Converted Asian Camp to European Camp for the Loyal Regt at Sipputeh (Batu Gadger), Part Disposal of Japanese Torpedoes & Bombs in Tunnels on Penang Island from WW2. Thanks to Alan Leech & Richard Clarke for this combined entry. 
50 Gurkha Field Engineer Regiment 
51 Field Squadron (A), Royal Engineers 
55 Field Survey Squadron Changi, Singapore 1954-1956 
74 Field Park Squadron 
84 Field Survey Squadron Royal Engineers The squadron was located in Batu Cantonement in 59, but later, about 1961 moved to Singapore. Field parties of sometimes only 2 sappers spent days , weeks and sometimes months in the ulu mapping for military purposes. There were many detachments, some of which were in Temerloh, Ipoh, Malacca, Sarawak and Hong Kong. In 1959 the OC was Major Ben Burrows, his son is presently(2005) CO of 42 Survey Engineer Regt RE. 
305 Engineer Stores Depot, Royal Engineers The Depot was located in Batu Cantonment 1955/56, the cantonment was within Kuala Lumpur Garrison. 
410 Independent Plant Troop 
Co Capt F Ford, Location Sungei Besi, 1953/1955, OC CAPT. MALITZA 1955-1956, C.O. Capt. Van Dan.1957-59., (C.O. Capt. F, Ford  Sunge Besi Kualar Lumpar). Minden Barracks 1958. 
Served 58 / 62 Nami Sik road, Cameron Highlands att 11 Sqdn, Borneo. Oc's Capt Vann Maj, Ken Orrel, Maj Pike. Thanks to Jim Loach for this entry. 
'59 / '63, Nami, Kampong Gula, Penang Att 11 Fld Sqdn Borno. OC Capt Vann TSM WO 2 Ron Blake People I remember, Steve Hall, Toots Toase, Brummy Pearce, Kieth Orrell Taff Roberts. 
554 Field Squadron, Royal Engineers 
570 Map Reproduction Troop RE. Based in Singapore Col.Johns, Capt.M.P.Henshaw, Lt.Dean. 
890 E&M sqdn Royal Engineers later hq works sqdn then malayan engineers 
890 plant troopbatu caves 48 then hq works sqdnkl a troop were at taiping b troop ipohc troopkluang etc. 
Engineer Training Centre Kluang, Johore State 1948 - 1951. 
I was with ETC Kluang between 1957-1959. I was an instructor in plant operations. I worked with Royal Australian Engineers during this time. An australian guy nicknamed Yippee was one of my group. 
Engineer Store Depot CO Maj Turtle, 2i/c Capt P J Glibbery. Location 5 miles north Kuala Lumpur. 
Garrison Works Office. Kluang. Johore Garrison Works Officer was a Major Smith RE 1961-62, I was a Military Clerk of Works [Construction] at the time. Thanks to John C CARBIS for this entry.