This page is here so you can add CVHQ to your service history.  I had the following from Perry Dawson, but if you can tell me more then please drop me an email.

CVHQRE is central volunteer headquarters Royal Engineers. They were mainly Regular Soldiers, based at Minley manor. Supported by NRPS and members of 111 Engr as and when required ( advance / rear party, G10, collecting vehicles etc) They were the admin and  training wing for all the TA specialist units based there. (111 Engr Regt comprised of 130 & 120 Fld Sqns, 198 park Sqn and attached Personnel). Plus you had the STRE Units.

From the training side, CVHQRE had CI, SMI and PSI's.  Admin had Chief Clerk, pay, joining instructions etc.

QM, RQMS etc was also based at Minley. The PSI Chef was borrowed from 1 & 3 training Regt accross the road at Gib Barracks.

Hope this helps.
Perry Dawson, (Donkey)