DCRE South

This is an excerpt from the personal story of a pad's brat!  You can find the full story here - http://www.archhistory.co.uk/taca/rutledges.html

The flight to Singapore, in a RAF Viscount, took only a couple of hours, and we landed at the civilian airport at Paya Lebar. This time, the whole regiment had moved to Singapore and would be stationed in Gillman Barracks, where Dad joined 54 Corps Field Park Squadron. Gillman Barracks was quite near to the city centre, on the road to Pasir Panjang. 

In Pasir Panjang, we lived almost next to the sea and went to the local park, which was directly on the seafront, nearly every day after school to swim. (If we weren't swimming here, we’d be up the pool in Gillman Barracks, and I think that I went swimming every single day while we lived in Singapore.) Our new amah was called Muna, but she soon left to have a baby. Her replacement was Ayah, who turned out to be the best amah we ever had: she really treated us like her family, even inviting us to visit her home and family in the kampong, where she fed us Malayan-style jelly. 


DCRE Pasir Panjang South in Singapore included the maintenance responsibilities of the Base Workshop REME located on the Ayer Rajah Road. The Workshop's function was to maintain and repair a vast collection of military vehicles which were then supplied to units throughout the far east.
The CW(C) for the Workshop was WO2 Eric Diggle RE