DSDA Engineer Park

I don't know what DSDA stands for, or what happened here, but I've been asked to add it.  Can anyone tell us any more?

I've had this reply from Mark Collins - 


There were 4 Engineer Parks left in the UK when HQ Long Marston closed down, Longmoor, Waterbeach, Ripon and Stirling. All run by RETDT RE Maj's the Longmoor one run by a Lt Col. 

I was the SMI and 2IC of all the Parks, they were Depots for Engineer Stores, Bridges, Boats and equipment Trg stores for all the Regt's to bid for and Trg with. I am surprised you haven't heard of them .

I hope this helps


Mark C



I was the OC at Waterbeach Engineer Park from 2005 - 2011. Previous to me was Dave Purvis.