Engr Base Installation

I only found out that this squadron existed when James Hopgood emailed me to ask me to add it to the site.  If you know anything about the squadron or have any history/ interesting stories about the place then please let me know and I'll add them to this page instead of this boring text.  REgards, Gordon



Hi Gordon - Thank you for your e mail today - now on site. As explained my reason for access to The Sappers site is to record the existence of the Singapore Engineer Regiment 1939 - 54 (a British Army unit with some local Malays employed). My interest was started as my Dad who was RSM in 50/52. I tried to find out about the Regt ie Google and there was very little info. I now have the official achieve - very slim - but something least, plus some photo's. I would like to record something about this short lived Regt not necessarily because of my Dad but it seems wrong that all those Sappers, regular and national servicemen's contribution just be forgotten. There may just be the odd Sapper who was there still alive but unlikely. I would appreciate it if you would open a site under " Squadrons" - Singapore Engineer Regiment. Your time appreciated. All the best Roger Courtice.

Arrived here 1963 and my first flight. a bit hairy as we had engine problems before leaving Heathrow, again in Istanbul and again in Bombay where we had to change planes. Eagle Airways as I remember. Finally arrived Singapore and bused to Gillman Barracks. I think of all the places I had posting this was the best. Eventually CRE Crown was established and I was attached to this ending up in Thailand for 8 months then returned to EBG