HQ 12 Engr Bde

In July 2011 the Ministry of Defence announced that Waterbeach Barracks will close, and the site sold for housing.[10] In November 2011 and March 2012 the Ministry of Defence announced that 39 Engineer Regiment would move to RAF Kinloss in July 2012. A total of 930 Service personnel will move to Kinloss, and 44 Service personnel to Wittering.[11] HQ 12 (Air Support) Engineer Group will move from Waterbeach to RAF Wittering in October 2012, with the compete closure of Waterbeach Barracks by 1 April 2013.[11][12] After that date, the Barracks will be guarded and managed by the Defence Infrastructure Organisation until they dispose of the site.

Do you have any stories about this unit?  They did ADR/ RRR apparently, but that's all I know.  If you've got any more to tell me, please make a comment or email it to me.




I got posted from 1 Div to HQ 12 brigade I think in late 1967 and took over from Bob Brown as Brigadier Marston Tickell`s driver. If Bob is still around it would be good to know.