HQ 28 Engr Regt

This is a holding page for this unit as I don't have any other info to put here for now.  Please continue to use it to add your work history and then it can get populated later on as I get some info from you about it.  REgards, Gordon



Started in the wksps as a welder before going to TechQMs as MFO storeman.

I was privileged to serve as Lt Col John Goodson's adjutant just as the Regiment became full operational. This was a very competent unit with three squadrons of 24 M2 rigs each. Young NCOs and sappers were bright, keen and very hard working.

The main downside was the booze culture. 10 young men lost their lives in car crashes in my 2 years there.

But Hameln was a great town. My wife and I loved living there.