HQ 35 Engineer Regt

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I served in the RHQ of this 35 Field Engineering Regiment RE from about May 1952 to Jan 1955, but it seems I unable to record this in my 'Work History' - although you have one sapper shown as being in it later at Hamelin.

Hi Peter. Remember me? Don Wills, was in HQ Office as clerk and ended up as the Pay Clerk. Others in tent... Hogben. Tony Royale. Kingpin. Others came and went.
If I remember rightly, you were a 'ballroom dancer' and a 'football referee'.
I do hope you get to see this.

Hi Peter - where was 35 Engr Regt based when you served in it?

I joined this regiment in October 1952 and was "put" into the Intelligence unit. At that time it was a Corps Engr Regt. During 1953 it became a Field Engr Regt.

I had an unfortunate accident in 1953 in falling down a cliff face well below Suez. I still have an aerial photograph of the area. This put me in hospital in Fayid for about 3 months.

I later transferred to one of the squadrons.

One character I have met since then was Capt Jimmy Capadose.

Fond memories of Ivy Benson and her All Girls band in the NAAFI Canteen.

Left in 1954 on transfer to CRE South as a Deputy Clerk of Works.