HQ Engineer Resources

This is just a temporary holding page for this unit, until I get some more information from some of it's members to put up on here.  Regards, Gordon



Spent about 21 months mainly in the D.O.,1960 to 1962,
our head of department was a rear character W.O. Charles Cooper MBE.
He ran the department to the 'book',many's the time if we stepped out of line, up on a charge.But we did have a good number of laughs at his expence.All in all had a great time there,met some grand lads,unfortunately lost touch with them.

Hi Draughie.
You must have taken over from me, as I left September 1960. I did some D.O. work there but spent more time on Depot Plant allocation. Did you have anything to do with this?
W.O. Cooper rings a bell. Yes he did play by the book and want things "correct". I once answered the phone "Resources Office speaking" and he blew up saying "How the f.....g hell can an office talk"