Mech Training Wing

I assume this was pretty much exactly what it says on the tin - but hpw big was it?  How many people worked there?  Were there any civvies or was it an instructor-led unit or what?  Any info gratefully received. REgards, Gordon

This from Roy Hunt - Hi, my name is Roy Hunt and I am the current Training Manager for Mech Trg. I first joined the wing in 1986 as a SNCO and at that time there were round 17 military instructors and 3 civilian instructors. The wing was part of Plant, Roads and Aifields Wing a sub unit of 12 RSME Regt based at Chattenden Barracks at Wainscott Kent. The wings primary role was to teach RE fitters and REME C Mechs repair and maintenance of Plant Equipments used by the RE's. In 2009 the RSME entered a partnership with a consortium called Holdfast and one of its sub contractors is a company called TQ Education and Training Ltd who took on the responsibility of Mech Trg and Practical Plant Training (POM's), that is who I work for now. At this time I have no military instructors only 12 civilian instructors and a high percentage of these are the ex military instructors bothe RE and REME. Mechanical Training is still going strong and a vital part of fitter training within the Corps.