MES (Wks) Cyprus

This is what I know of the squadron so far;

Basically we were in Dhekelia running a Desallination Plant, there was a Clerk of Works (M), WO2 Alan Gorzieka, 2 Cpl Fitters: Jim Valentine and Andy, a Cpl Fridge Mech: Salaman Butt and a Cpl Sparky: Me.

We worked with the local PSA, Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots, supplying distilled water for use by the garrison, we also had several borehole systems. There were 5 water storage tanks up by the old runway holding approx 250,000 gallons each. The local civilian water system would have constant shortages during the summer months, while the garrison would always be on our supply system so we always had water.
We were looked after by 62 Sqn.

Malcolm Steppens