Ok folks - Tell me where is the original RE Ponderosa? I have a feeling it refers to some sort of plant training place in Chatham off the top of my head, but I'm not actually sure. Anyone fill me in?

      Kaz N Jim Profitt hmm..could you mean chattenden? (kaz) (and i have no clue what ponderosa is.).
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      Bob Llanelly Ranch that used to be on tele with the Cartright family Joe Hoss Pa and some others LOL.
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      Frank Gilzean Yip it was down the hill at Chattenden where us planties played
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    • Gordon Brady Frank - what unit would you have been posted to in order to spend time at the Ponderosa? I'm asking because I've set up Ponderosa as a "unit" on sappers.co.uk but I'm not sure whether it was somewhere you spent more than a few weeks at, or whether it was a full time posting?
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      Taff Evans ‎18 sqn mate
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      Joe Duffy Gordon the ponderosa was the POM's house when they were learning how to eat PIES and pull levers
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      Colin Lee the ponderosa was the training field for planties, 0-2 was 6months 2-1 was 3 months, first few weeks was at RSME then you went over the water to wainscot camp and walked the hill to the ponderosa to become a jedi god . :-)