REME Workshops

This was an independent REME unit, Though on the same site as 21 Engr Base Workshops.  It was a bone of contention with 21, and 40 AESG as it became, especially their RSM.  Our order of dress for work was lightweights with stable belt, and no. 2 dress shirt.  This wound the RSM up no end and our REME OC had to rescue me on several occasions!  As I say their were only 2 Sappers, my post was Sapper / L/CPL, and the other was full screw, both Fitters RE. The REME posts were mostly managerial, Sgts  and above. It was staffed mostly by German civvies, there were about 50 or so.  It was both a C and B vehicle base workshop, with a bit of railway stock thrown in! (Hospital carriages and flatbed wagons) Before my time I believe it did M2 rigs as well, we had lots of special tools left still.


Andy Gilbert