RMA - Royal Military Academy

The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in Surrey is where all Officers in the British Army are trained to take on the responsibilities of leading soldiers.

More than 80% of Officer Cadets are university graduates, but some arrive with A-Levels or equivalent. Others are serving soldiers who have been selected for Officer training and some come from overseas, having been chosen by their own armies to train at the world famous Academy. It is not possible for anyone to undertake training at their own private expense.

The Commissioning Course for Regular Army Officers is 48 weeks long, including recess periods. It runs three times a year, starting in January, May and September. The Territorial Army course is shorter, as is the training course Sandhurst offers for military personnel with professional qualifications in areas such as law and medicine.

Training at Sandhurst covers military, practical and academic subjects and while it is mentally and physically demanding, there's also plenty of time set aside for sport and adventurous training. It's a proud day for Officer Cadets going into the Regular Army when they finally march up the steps of Old College to be commissioned as Officers at the end of the prestigious Sovereign's Parade.