TA - 101 Engr Regt (EOD) (V)

101 (London) Engineer Regiment (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) (Volunteers)

Formed 1 June 1988 to control 4 existing EOD squadrons in London and south-east England. Regimental Headquarters at Catford, London.

HQ Squadron at Catford, London. 
579 EOD Squadron at Dartford; 
583 EOD Squadron at Holloway; 
590 EOD Squadron at Rochester; 
591 EOD Squadron at Chatham.

1 March 1993: Regiment re-organised and squadrons renumbered: 
220 (Searchlight) Field Squadron (EOD) at Acton. Formed by transfer 873 Movement Light Squadron 73 Engineer Regiment (V)
221 Field Squadron (EOD) at Rochester; 
222 Field Squadron (EOD) at Holloway with Troop at Brighton.

1996: HQ Squadron renumbered at 223 HQ Squadron.

1 July 1999: Regiment reorganised. 
223 HQ Squadron at Catford, London; 
217 Field Squadron (EOD) at Islington, London; 
221 Field Squadron (EOD) at Rochester; 
579 Field Squadron (EOD) at Tunbridge Wells with 2 (Surrey Yeomanry) Field Troop at Reigate.