TA - 106 Sqn

Previously this squadron was only listed as part of TA- 72 Engr, but I have now been told that it has formed part of 72, 73 and 75 Engr Regt at various times so I have created it separately.  If you have any info or history to tell me about, I'd really appreciate it.  REgards Gordon


I joined 106in1973.we were part of 75 Ret.RE(v)with reg.HQ in Failsworth Manchester. in 1982we changed role and came under the command of 72 Ret RE (v)with their HQ in Gateshead. If you are interested I can expand on this info .

GeorgieBoy I hope you don't mind me jumping-in?
I'm Mick Thornton I joined 106 in Apr.1978 (1 Tp) before sodding off to CVHQ returning to 106 (2Tp) in 1984, by then 72. I served variously until 1999 (inc.272 @ Bradford) until 1999.
Your thoughts, Insights, etc, would be interesting if you would care to share (especially perhaps some memories of Clive Morley, Andy (Pitprop), Les Preston & many others)
Regards Mick

Found this site.we need more of 106 on here.

Hi Mick, you will remember me as Steve Smith, Sqn Clerk Smifff (3F's)how are you doing old son? I saw you a few years after getting out of the nick in Sheffield but have had little to do with Sheff since. I now work most of my time with the RBL and do a lot of work with Veterans. Got over my meltdown which sent me away and now a proud veteran working for others. Get in touch Mick, would be good to catch up. Cheers. 07742 950664

I served in 106 between 2003-2008 we were part of 73 Engineer Regiment (Air Support) RE(V). Our headquarters was in Nottingham the regiment comprised of roughly 500 soldiers with a small staff of regular army soldiers and civilians. I later transfered to a local infantry regiment following the foot steps of an incredibly good mentor and staff sergeant who taught me many a good thing about civilian and army life when i was just a young naive sapper. Sadly for me it was a terrible mistake as i didnt take to well to the infantry and left not long after. I have some great memories and served with some fantastic people while at 106 i wish id never left.

I joined 106 in 1978 (then 75-CO Benham-Crosswell, RSM John Lucas), with 2 years service before transferring to 130 Sqn.(CVHQ)I returned to 106, then 72 where it stayed for some 8yrs? By the time I was introduced into the Mess we were 73 (Nottingham), around 1987. Leaving once again in about 1991 & rejoining (by request) in Bradford (still 106) in 1993. Until I 'retired' in 1999 we were still in 73. it's been a long time since then with 73 Engr.Regt now disbanded & 106 back with 72!!
Are all sappers Ubique (pushed & shoved everywhere?-YES!) and are we still Mushrooms? Regards Mick.

I joined 2 troop 106 Sqn RE based at Somme Barracks 1970 ish in the last year of 6th form. The OC was Major Bailey, SM Gabriel, his son was in my troop. Dennis ? the troop corporal. S sgt Simmonite was a great character. other names, brother in law Brian Hobson, Mick Foster, Roe brothers, Clive Andy and Les MGTMick has mentioned above.
Recruit training at Chickerell Camp Wyke Regis in Weymouth. Weekend training at Proteus? Camp Ollerton laying practice mines in Sherwood forest, Beckingham Ranges,Strensall Camp York and a few others I cant remember. Annual Camp at Hamlyn, Wyemouth, Scotland Culltebraggen camp ?
Medway and some others. Marching from the barracks to Barkers Pool For the Remembrance Day parade was always an honour.
I moved to Essex in 1975 so had to leave 106 Sqn. happy memories.

I'm still serving proudly in 106 we had a recruiting tent for sheffield armed forces day and was talking to the daughter of major bailey!amazing.also chatted with am old boy that was wearing the French legion of honour medal.what an honour to even meet this great man.

I joined the R E in1954 Basic Training ln aldershot then moved to Invicta camp Maidstone Kent 25 fld pk squadron as a driver went to C yprus oct 1955 with my Leyland hippo and d 4 bulldozer on the back arrived in Cyprus nov 5 George Harrison and lofty crossland from Barnsley west Yorkshire we shared the same tent at C b s camp Nicosia we sailed on HMS aircraft theus until March 156 sailed to Egypt on HMS Devonshire picked troops up and then sailed Liverpool and then by train to Invicta camp then i was a driving instructor until aug 1956 and was discharged

Anyone who would like to do something to commemorate the end of the Battle of the Somme at Somme Barracks please let me know. Somme Bks was built by Sappers and 49Div went on to serve at the Somme hence the name. I was privileged enough to meet some of them in the 80's. It now houses some infantry bods but it will always be a Sappers home. Give me a shout if anyone interested. steve@musicsmith.co.uk

I joined 3 Troop in Dewsbury in 1975. CO was Capt Bob Pickles, 2IC was Lt Pete Jones. Sergeant Roy Siddle, Cpl Bob Ingham. We had some great personalities, just some of those whose names spring to mind include Graham Bean, Derek Lancaster-Holmes, Simon Turner, Phil (PIJ) Hilton, Tpr Eddie Teale, Mick Hodgeson, Steve Roberts, Ian Woodcock, The Fargy Brothers, Tony Laycock.
Somebody decided I had enough qualifications to be an officer candidate (sadly lacking in ability!) so I was transferred to 1 Troop at SHQ Somme Barracks, Sheffield. Lt Ron Cooke was OC but for the life of me I can't remember our sergeants name.
Major Nick ??? was OC and Q Bather ran the office. When 2 Troop relocated from Rotherham (I think) to Sheffield Vin Costello became SSM.
Lt-Col Benham-Cresswell was the Regiment commander.

In 1977 I finally had to choose between taking up a position at S.H.A.P.E. or continuing on my commissioning course. I took the opportunity to work in Belgium.

Sorry for the random thoughts but felt I had to get something down!


Hi Doug, recently joined the site. I didn’t serve but the Sergeant you mentioned, Roy Siddle was my late Dad, also the Swithenbanks mentioned are/were my Uncles. I have lots of old photos of my Dads time in Dewsbury, will get round to uploading at some point. Would be good to hear from anyone who remembers Roy Siddle

Didn’t do a long stint with this mob as civi work started to force me away but what a ‘live’ intro to the Territorials! Looking back and it’s sometimes a bit hazy now, it was quite a different organisation to that one I returned to later in life (though then, infantry) and I saw that change more and more over the years.
‘69, we were in the very early plain green combat suits (SEE early pictures of Northern Ireland) with 1938 pattern webbing equipment which some dreamer decided needed blackening with boot polish. Well, (surprise, surprise) inevitably, it stained the ****** uniform! Very tactical though - save, that is,,for the highly POLISHED brass fittings !
What sticks in my mind was the rigid, sometimes very robust, discipline meted out by the likes of ‘Fritz’ Conway, Andy Devine and others and recall the gentlemanly Major Donald Bell - who even though only Squadron OC was a Regular - though someone may correct me on that..... A mad Springer Spaniel traipsed after him everywhere and more than once ended up swimming after a clog from a frustrated Sapper boot!
I was 2 Troop with the rather fetching scarlet cravats (still have mine somewhere - very Carnaby Street!) and one of the signallers under Capt Ludlum - very sadly, no longer with us. He was a really nice guy. Keith Hill TRIED to keep us in line with varying success but another great lad. The rest of us, Pete Smith, Lenny Hadfield, Des Beckett, Buist, Williams and doubtless some I’ve forgotten worked and played hard and I recall them all with fondness and often wonder what became if em. Others in the wider Sqn too:
George Adams SSM - I think replaced Gabriel.
The legendary Sgt Percy Simmonite
Dicky Dickenson and mate another Sgt (- Thompson?)
Clive Morley,
the giant council roadworker, Pete Wells
Les Preston - another council worker - bins?
Buz Hives - wagon driver
Josh - the black cook
Thomson ?with the gloriously big Yankee car that often ‘lived’ in the yard at Somme
Chris Girling
Gordon Opie the affable Cornishman
....and from further afield, the steely but fatherly, Albert Bolton from Dewsbury - also the remains of the disbanded KOYLI from there so great buglers when we needed one notably, the Swithenbanks. Yes I we’ll recall marching to Barkers Pool from Gell St with the lone drummer keeping time (a former Scotsguardsman, from memory). Officers - Carter the CO, Golland, Keeling, Davis, the late Paul Reaney, Williams The Officer Cadet
..........and many others I hope I’ll be forgiven for missing out (oddly I’m often maddened as I can’t recall the name of the Chief Clerk who ‘signed me up’ - should anyone else recall the kindly fella - well built with thin hair ?
That’s (more than) enough for my ‘maiden speech’!
Best wishes to any who may remember me.
(Steve Acaster)

Steve, the Swithenbank’s are/were my uncles, Allin, John and Billy. My dad was S/Sgt Roy Siddle.

That’s great - first I’ve heard from anyone linked to my era with 106.
The Sqn was not long out of the administrative upheaval of 1967 TA reorganisation so we had blokes posted in from all manner of units including Lancastrian Yeomanry as well as LI which had be reorganised, or which sadly had then ceased to exist. Can’t recall which KOYLI were at Dewsbury/Batley - possibly 2/4Bn but I think we (RE) took over their Drill Halls as well (Bath Street?) IF you don’t have it, theres a nice large format paperback album of photos produced by Barnsley Chronicle - showing most KOYLI (Reg&TA) still serving when amalgamated in 1968. Think you’ll see some familiar faces! Try eBay. I’m afraid your dads name doesn’t ring a bell though.