TA - 111 Regt RE(V)

111 Regt RE (V) was a sponsored Regiment.
It was run by Central Volunteer HQ, Minley Manor
It had no drill halls and only mustered for annual camp and 2 weekends a year (a bit more for officers), initial form up for camp was in 1 Training Regt, Cove, Farnborough.
Most members had served in the regular army or a TA unit for a few years or had a relevant civilian qualification (e.g. electrician, plant operator).
It existed from 1967 to 1992 and consisted of 120 and 130 squadrons plus, from 1978, 198 Field Park Squadron that had been a seperate squadron.
When I was in (1977-80) the role was being part of the Logistic Support Group which was a near-Brigade size unit of Combat Support and Combat Service Support units that supported UK Mobile Force, a large Brigade size unit including 2 Para Battalions which had a flank reinforcement role (e.g. Denmark).
It was useful for those who could not find the time for more weekends and weekly drills or lived in an area far from a TA unit.
I served while I was doing a part-time degree then returned to my old TA Regt (71).
The weird thing was turning up for camp and finding half the troop was new, including SNCOs, but it met a need
The full story is told in "The History of Central Volunteer Headquarters Royal Engineers" by Col GF Edwards TD, an Inst RE publication

Douglas Craik


Are their any 2 troop guys on here if so leave a comment plz

I was in 2 troop in the late 80's and 90's
Spr Bannister

I joined 2tp in 1982 it was a v good troop,I left 2 tp after about 10 years as a sgt, best time of my life

I transferred to 120 Fld Sqn in 1967 after 7 years with 324 Fld Sqn TA London & then in 1970 was transferred to 130 Fld Sqn. I Left the UK for Australia end of 1973. My troop sergeant in 130 Fld Sqn & whom I served under years before was s/sergeant Lenney Heath, a top guy & a great teacher.