TA - 217 Sqn (V)

I had an email from Peter Cox, which tells me he runs a great website for you terriers.  Once you've registered your service history on this site, you should pop over and have a look.  You can find all the details here - http://217.org.uk  - Enjoy it.

REgards, Gordon



I was a Royal Engineer in the Army Cadet Force from the age of 14, when I became old enough I joined 114 Engineer Regiment as a boy soldier in 218 Sqn. When the T.A. was disbanded and became the T.A.V.R my Regt was also disbanded so I transferred to 135 Field Survey Sqn in Ewell. when the Army reformed 217 in Holloway, North London I transferred back. most of my time in the T.A. was spent as a signaller in camps all over GB I was also lucky enough to have spent time in Germany, Cyprus and the Channel Islands.

I started my National Service in Jan 1949 at 3TRRE Completed at 4 TRRE
Posted to BOAR. CRE BIELEFELD & CRE MINDON Discharged to TA.114 Army Engr Regt )TA)217 Fld Sqn RE(TA)
Left in Sept 1951 spent 4 years in Merchant Navy
Re-enlisted back to 217 Fld Sqn RE(TA) 1955
From then on did 25 Years. With 217.114.135.finneshed up with 217 (73 engr regt(TA)
Most of my service with 217,114/135 was signals with Peter Hayman,Jack Buckingham,Kenny Farringdon,Bill Robinson,Alen Calver. Lost contact with all except one. I finished my service as s/sgt K.R.THORPE 22093608