TA - 299 Parachute Squadron

Formed in 2007 from 299 troop 131 independant commando squadron at Hull and the Light Infantry at Minden House at Wakefield.  The OC is a top bloke and well up for driving the airborne ethos within the Squadron.  Any ex sappers that are around the area Regular or TA plus anyone who feels stagnant in there current unit and wants a change of scenery. The airborne sappers is the perfect place to get trade training plus being an airborne soldier and training to the highest level of infantry available to an RE unit.

Coming in from scratch will take you through the Phase 1 training, then onto Trade training which runs in conjunction to P Company. When trade training is completed and P Company passed then into 1 or 2 Troop.  For any trained ranks coming in an assesment of your current level will then aid in placing you into the correct career path and potentially straight onto P Company build up.  The opportunities for Ops, career and trade courses with overseas trips including foriegn Wings course and potential for the annual Arnhem jump are fantastic.

299 Parachute Squadron Royal Engineers is an Army Reserve Unit that provides Engineer Support to 23 Engineer Regiment (Air Assault), the dedicated Regular Army Engineer Regiment in 16 Air Assault Brigade.

In order to carry out this highly specialist role, the Squadron needs well trained, physically and mentally robust soldiers who have passed the famous Airborne forces selection course ‘Pegasus Company’ (P Coy).
Upon successful completion of P Coy, soldiers are eligible to attend the Basic Parachute Course and qualify to wear the parachute wings and the coveted maroon beret of the British Airborne Forces. We have vacancies in the Squadron for soldiers who are employed specifically as support staff and do not have to undergo arduous training or attend P Coy. See the section on Trade training for more information.

Combat Engineering

Typical Combat Engineer tasks include route denial and bridge demolitions using explosive charges; water supply; bridging; construction tasks; operation of boats and mine clearance drills. Combat Engineers are trained to protect our own troops and equipment by providing specialist advice and using plant machinery to construct earth work defences.

Reserve Airborne Engineers can work in support of the Regular Army, either as individuals or formed groups. This can be on operations abroad or on exercise at home and abroad. You can be called upon to work as an infantry soldier, combat engineer or tradesman. As a tradesman, you can choose from Plant Operator, Driver, Signaller, Clerk, Medic, Chef, Resources Specialist or Vehicle Mechanic. Civilian construction trades are also recognised within the Royal Engineers.

Troop Locations

We have detachments in Hull, Wakefield and Gateshead. To find out more come to one of our drill nights on Tuesday evenings between 7.30-9.00pm or telephone one of the numbers below or e-mail our training clerk on: 23ENGR-299-TRGAO@mod.uk

HQ and Support Troop 299 Para Sqn RE
George Street, Wakefield WF1 1DW - 01924 369636

1 Troop 299 Para Sqn RE
Middleton Barracks, Calvert Lane, Hull HU4 6BN - 01482 352117

3 Troop 299 Para Sqn RE
Napier Armoury, Alexandra Road, Gateshead NE8 4HX - 01912 395243