TA - 30 Engr Bde (V)

From Dave Daniels - 

if memory serves me consisted of; HQ 30 Engineer Brigade (V)

      HQ Troop - 2 sections



            ACC detachment

      Signals Troop(Royal Corps of Signals)  - 3 sections




The following Engineer units;

28 Amphibious Engineer Regiment

Royal Monmouthshire Royal Engineers (Militia)

74 (Antrim Artillery) Engineer Regiment (Volunteers)

75 Engineer Regiment (Volunteers)

125 (Staffordshire) Field Support Squadron (Volunteers)

143 Plant Squadron R.E. (Volunteers)

873 Movement Light Squadron (Volunteers)

30 Engineer Brigade (V) REME Workshop (V)


There may have been STRE's as well.


The brigade was commanded by a regular Brigadier and brigade major, with TA staff officers, usually civil engineers. I believe it was unique in having a regular unit in a T. A. Brigade and was part of the ORBAT for BAOR. I don't know when it disbanded, but I believe the honours etc were transferred to 125 Field Support Squadron RE. Which is being struck off the ORBAT in July this year.




In TA, I was senior engineer liaison at RCZ with 30 Bee in 80s. Very good officers and SNCOs in TA Regts.