TA - 502 STRE

I had this from Nigel Burt in January 2014 - good info as I had heard nothing beforehand:

501 STRE(BP)(V), 502 STRE(BP)(V) and 503 STRE(BP)(V) were all Bulk Petroleum Specialist Teams within 65 CRE(V), part of MWF(V), based at Gibraltar Barracks/Minley Manor.  Devolving from Sponsored Units, their personnel predominantly came from Esso, BP and Shell (not necessarily in that order).  The Teams were amalgamated into 503 STRE(Fuels Infra)(V), becoming the TA element of 64 Wks Gp RE, 170 (Infra Sp) Engr Gp RE, providing the Army with specialist knowledge of oil extraction and refining facilities.