TA - HQ 8 Engr Bde - CIS Tp

Created at the request of Ryan Westwood, this page is a holding page for this unit until someone gives me some more info to post here.  In the meantime, you can add photos to the squadron page and make sure you're mentioned in the history!  REgards,


Communication Information Systems (CIS) Troop 8 Force Engineer Brigade is a small unit that provides communications, administration and real life support for Headquarters 8 Force Engineer Brigade. 

This would mean the CIS Troop supporting the Head Quarters when it is deployed on a NATO sized incursion and attached to the Allied Rapid Reaction Corps. You could also be mobilised as an individual to work with one of the many Royal Engineer or other associated cap badges, enabling you to gain valuable military experience whilst working with regular soldiers.

To enable this there is a diverse group of cap badges and trade sets. Some of the trades available within the Troop are as follows:

Combat Engineer  - Royal Engineers 
Command Control and Communications - Royal Engineers
Driver  - Royal Engineers
Electrician - Royal Engineers
Vehicle Mechanic - Royal Electrical Mechanical Engineers
Chef - Royal Logistics Corps
Clerk  - Adjutant Generals Corps