TA - Royal Monmouthshire RE Militia

The Royal Monmouthshire Royal Engineers (Militia) is the only remaining militia unit in the British Army and, as such, is the oldest regiment of the Reserve Forces having appeared as early as 1539 in the Royal Muster of Military units in the United Kingdom.

Originally a militia (infantry) unit charged with home defence, if became an Engineer unit in 1877 and a Royal Engineer unit in 1896.  From 1896 it is also became the only regiment with two "Royals" in it's title and is the only Royal Engineer unit whose members wear the Prince of Wales Division cap badge and the militia flash instead of a Brigade affiliation.

The majority of the Regiment is located in Wales with its Regimental Headquarters (RHQ) based in the remaining grounds of Monmouth Castle itself and it's supporting Troop located in Vauxhall Camp (also in Monmouth).  100 Field Squadron has it's headquarters and No 1 Troop in Cwmbran with its two other Troops (2 and 3) being found in Llandaff, Cardiff and Whiteladies, Bristol.  108 Field Squadron is located close to the Swansea city centre and its one Troop is located in Gorseinon on the outskirts of Swansea.  225 Field Squadron is located in Oldbury, Birmingham and it has recently taken over a new Troop location in Walsall, Birmingham. 

Under Future Army Structures (FAS) the only remaining militia unit based in the UK (but not on English or Welsh soil) was taken under command in April 2007 when the Jersey Island Field Squadron moved to operational control of the Regiment.  With an increase of establishment of approximately 146 personnel, the unit has grown in size and area of responsibility since April 2007.

The unit's primary role is to provide a Contingency Component (CC) of trained and deployable manpower to the Regular Army in order to support Large Scale Deliberate Intervention (LSDI) operations.  This is something the unit has continued to do since 2002 with a Squadron sized deployment (the only deployment of a formed unit by the TA since the Korean war) of approximately 128 personnel on OP TELIC 2 and a formed Troop of 48 personnel to support 21 Engineer Regiment in 2007 on OP TELIC 11.  Individuals still volunteer for operations and the regiment has deployed personnel to the following locations in the last two years: Iraq, Afghanistan, Canada, Kuwait, Germany, the Balkans, Kenya and Malawi