Vehicle Battalion Wksps REME

Base Workshops REME/FARELF Base Workshops REME was located on the Ayer Rajah Road, Singapore. Its function was to maintain and repair a vast collection of military vehicles which were then supplied to units throughout the far east. The vehicle depot for storage of this mass of vehicles was located in Tebrau, Johore. One of the units claims to fame in the fifties was the creation of the Bedford 'Pig'. A makeshift APC which looked like a steel garden shed on wheels. During the period 1949-1952 Colonel Kennedy was OC of the workshops. Col Salt was OC troops, he replaced Col Winter. The RSM was WO1 Harvey (enough said). The accomodation was Rowcroft Lines which stood overlooking the Ayer Rajah Road and the W/Shops. Rowcroft Lines was shared with District W/Shops and the Training Unit. At the rear of Rowcroft Lines stood what is now known as the Kentridge. It is the historically significant area where the Malay Regiment stood aginst the Japanese Army in 1942. Thanks to K.B.Orrill and for this entry